A work in progress

800x600_bodybuildingBodybuilding isn’t just a sport where big dudes flex muscles on a stage . . .
it’s the lifestyle choice of those who decided to sculpt a fitter and healthier body.

Most of us who make the commitment to reshape our bodies, do it not out of health concerns, but simply because we want look in the mirror and love what we see.

Vanity is a strong motivator. Embrace it and surround yourself with promoters. If we cared about health as much as we cared about vanity, nobody would drink alcohol or caffeine, nobody would smoke and nobody would eat junk food. But boy, do we care about vanity! We spend insane amounts of hard-earned cash feeding the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry just to hide what our bad choices have done to our bodies. Too bad it doesn’t work! And cosmetics won’t extend our lifespan either. So let’s cut the BS and embrace that vanity that makes us spend so much time and money lying to ourselves, and use it instead to make some real changes that will completely transform our body AND our life for the better.

This blog documents my journey from fat to fit. Viewer discretion advised. Enter at your own risk

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How I looked then

75kg – 15 MAY 2014 (Relaxed)

beforeandafter_20140515This is my earliest ‘before’ photo on file, and I took it because I was excited to have dropped 4kg. That’s right, I started this process when I nearly hit 80kg on the scale, as being only 168cm tall, it was evident I needed to do something about it.

How I look now

68kg (Relaxed)

beforeandafter_20161108aHere’s a current no-bs progress photo. Nothing to show, nothing to hide. Just a plain and relaxed pose with no cheating of any kind to allow for an apples to apples comparison with my earliest ‘fat’ shot on the left.

How I would look . . .

68kg (Posing)

beforeandafter_20161108b. . . if I didn’t have a surplus of abdominal fat. While posed photos aren’t our ‘natural’ look, they help us to track our progress in muscle definition. They also remind us of how far we’ve come and motivate us to keep working hard.