Next targets


Establish a baseline

This year’s goal is to stay relatively fit with minimal exercise. It’s time to apply the lessons I’ve learned in nutrition to live a sustainable lifestyle.


Maintain 14-18% Body Fat

Easier than I thought.


36cm Biceps

While I’ve reached 35.5cm, after my fat loss efforts, I’ve gone down to 34cm due to having less fat around the muscle.


Even Calves

1/1/15: After my fracture, my right calf ended up 2cm smaller than my right, which used to be about 1cm bigger. To this day, there’s still a noticeable 1cm difference.
1/3/16: Still not even, but have gained some good size on both. 37.5cm left, 36.5cm right. Hasn’t moved either way in a long time.


Lean Bulk to 75kg

1/11/15: Currently sitting at 62kg body weight. Time to bulk now. Aiming to reach 75kg by the end of Q3 2016 while keeping body fat in the 15% range (then cut in Q4 to level off at 72kg/10-12%).
1/3/16: 69kg at 15%. Doing well and still on target.
1/5/16: 66kg at 18%. Started a new business and needed a lot of extra time, so I stopped lifting weights in March and have been focusing on maintenance since. Still look good with shirts on, but the muscle loss is quite noticeable. Oddly enough, I’ve noticed that despite much higher body fat levels, I’m wearing the extra fat quite well. I look much leaner than I really am, and hey, that’s a win!


Average 60kg Bench Press 8 reps x 3 sets

1/3/16: I’ve blown this out of the water. Doing 70-80kg sets of 8-10 regularly now. This was a 2015 goal.

Complete a 12-Week Bodybuilding Programme

Since APR 2015, I’ve been aiming to train 4-5 days a week with a PUSH, PULL, REST, PUSH, PULL, LEGS, REST, rotation.

78cm Waist Size

Goal set on 1 FEB 2015. Completed on 10 MAY 2015. But as fat goes up and down, so does waist size. 78cm has been my constant. More than that means I need to cut, less than that means I should gain to prevent myself from getting too skinny.

Average 2km on the treadmill

Completed in APR 2015. I’ve been covering about 70km per week, with my longest stint reaching 30km. I’ve also been cycling and running intervals on the treadmill.

Double Bodyweight Deadlift

105kg was my last best before breaking my leg on 25 OCT 2014. On 7 MAY 2015, I reached 125kg. I reached 130kg on 10 AUG 2015, weighing in at 65kg.

16% Body Fat

Goal set on 19 JAN 2015. Confirmed 15% on 1 MAY 2015 (but estimate reaching it a couple of weeks earlier). My ultimate goal was 12-14%, but seeing how I’m doing, I now aim for 10-12%.

12% Body Fat

13 AUG 2015. I got to 11.5% in June , then up to 16%, and down again to 11.4% in November 2015.

Why am I doing this?

Why not? But if you must know, I started this journey out of vanity. That’s right. I had just turned 32 years old and didn’t want to reach 40 looking like George Constanza. As simple as that.

The day of reckoning came when I pulled the scale out of the pantry and my morning weight was a whopping 79kg. Being only 168cm tall, I was borderline obese with about 30% body fat. That’s way too much. I got angry and used that momentum to make a lifestyle change. I wasn’t much of a bad eater and didn’t drink or smoke, but I had become sedentary and was easily overshooting my calories with the few meals I did have. Since I wasn’t fit, I didn’t feel like exercising because each time I tried, I just looked like an idiot. But once I made the commitment, I realised that looking like an idiot for a few hours a week was better than being a fatass 24/7. Plus I had been selfish to my beautiful wife for way too long. It was time I paid her back for a lifetime of looking well after herself, and I had to do it with interest.

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