Knock down and rebuild progress (2016)

The photo above shows my progress from my “oh shit” moment to today. My first step was to demolish my old body by dropping all the excess fat, and 18kg later, when I had finally flattened the lot, I began my new quest to rebuild myself the way I should have been built in the first place.

From the day I started my journey in April 2014, you can see that the change has been dramatic, but what’s more interesting is that in the 2.5 years since then, I spent one year utterly clueless about nutrition and fitness, and a second year without any gym training; first after breaking my leg and ankle and recently after having developed tenosyvitis of the wrist (which cancelled all weightlifting and upper body work). But life happens to all of us, so as long as we keep chipping away, great progress can be made regardless.

Weight vs Compositioncomparisson_20161108_b_posingcomparisson_20150123_b_posing

Weight matters. There’s no doubt about it. But what really turns things around is body recomposition. These pictures are a perfect example of what I mean. In both of them, I weigh 68kg. But look at the difference that just a little bit of muscle can make.

To recap

I returned to training two months ago after a six month break due to injury. Since coming back, I’ve kept my weight in the 68kg ballpark and lowered my body fat percentage from over 19% down to around 16%.

My wrist has improved quite a bit since returning to the gym (which means my long break was a total waste), but after I started taking 2-3 daily pills of Glucosamine with Chondroitin and Magnesium two weeks ago, I feel my wrist is finally healing.


Yesterday, my weightlifting app marked that I’ve lifted a cumulative total of two million kilograms in the past 214 workouts. I find that pretty cool. Sure, lifting a 1kg dumbbell 100 times isn’t the same as lifting a barbell loaded with 100kg, but being able to see this cumulative number pushes you to get a few extra reps just to round up the total volume for that one workout. Do that consistently and you’ll end up completing a lot more work over time than you would if you had no clue you were about to hit a milestone.

It’s a free app by called MyBodySpace, and I love it. It keeps my workouts organised, and best of all, helps me track my progress very easily. It even lets you enter your mood before each session to help you detect patterns, and oddly, some of my strongest sessions have come on days I’ve entered “not in the mood”. So now, when I don’t feel in the mood to train, I think of all those other times that I got personal bests despite not being in the mood, and I get motivated to man up and hit the weights as if I were in the mood.

Look me up if you download it and we’ll be able to see and comment on each other’s workouts. 🙂

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