Life is good

I’ve just come to realise that this is by far the best time of my life.

Earlier today, after three great years at Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Clubs, the planets aligned and I completed what I’m officially calling a membership grandslam. It’s truly a unique offering nowhere else to be found in Adelaide.

I started the day with a generous breakfast at the café and a couple of back to back business meetings in the lounge. After work, I went back to lift weights, but also did some cardio, hit the sauna with some friends after our session, swam a few laps in the pool, hit the sauna again and joked with other members about their Valentine’s Day snafus, had a cold shower in the changerooms, changed into my tennis gear, and lastly, headed off to the courts for a training session with coach Evan (awesome) and two other members (one of them has been my official training partner since we teamed up on our first session).

That was my Wednesday.

On Mondays, I squeeze in another workout, and if my tennis partner is free, I stick around for a friendly hit at the courts to determine which one of us will replace Nick Kyrgios.

On Thursdays, I’ve been playing golf at Valley View after work with a nice British gentleman I met four weeks ago during my very first attempt at playing an 18-hole round. He’s much better than I am, but I’m getting close and he greatly enjoys seeing how far I’ve come along; sometimes even more than I do! We’ll keep this up until winter comes and the days get shorter.

On Fridays, my workmates often come along with me to Next Gen for the lunch special at the café, and I stick around a bit longer for my iron dessert with some heavy dumbbells in the gym upstairs. I leave work later so I can catch dinner with my wife in the CBD or North Adelaide to get the weekend started.

On Saturdays, I play a couple of rounds of golf in the morning (one competitive and one social), and then I go home and cook for the whole week ahead. My wife usually goes out with her friends while I take care of business, and I suppose they talk about how hot I look in tight shirts and how fortunate she is to have me. I mean, what else could they possibly talk about??? 😉

Lastly, on Sundays, I hit the weights at Next Gen again, but this time with my better half, who loves chilling in the lounge and enjoying a coffee after her group training session. It’s not unlikely for us to have breakfast at the club and/or go out again at night for dinner at NNQ in Woodville (try the beef salad) or dessert at the Chocolate Taperia on Melbourne Street. Try the waffle tower . . . but only if you’ve earned it!

But that doesn’t mean it’s always the same. I’m still flexible enough to do what I want when I want . . . which also includes not doing it. 🙂

And no, I’m not measuring macros or counting kilojoules anymore. Sure, I stay active to keep myself relatively fit, but what I do is a lifestyle, not a chore.


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