• Body transformation as at 30/10/2015

    Body transformation as at 30/10/2015

    My journey from fat to fit

  • Personal Best – Deadlift 130kg

    Personal Best – Deadlift 130kg

    Lately, I have made some significant strength gains. In fact, at least on pull days, I’ve exceeded all my previous…

  • Personal Best – Deadlift 125kg

    Personal Best – Deadlift 125kg

    After dropping a few points of body fat, I decided to attempt to break my deadlift personal best on a…

  • Personal Best – Deadlift 120kg

    Personal Best – Deadlift 120kg

    Well, this was a shocker! I’m in the middle of a metabolic reset, intermittent fasting, carb prohibition and heavy caloric…

  • Personal Best – Deadlift 115kg

    Personal Best – Deadlift 115kg

    Last week was my best week at the gym ever. I broke many of my personal bests (PB), including every…

  • A day at the gym

    A day at the gym

    To celebrate the end of my first three weeks back at almost full steam, and to answer to those who…

  • 13 weeks post ORIF surgery

    13 weeks post ORIF surgery

    Back at the gym and aiming to rebuild my pre-injury strength (almost there!). I broke my ankle on October 25,…

  • Home workout

    Home workout

    After spending 2 months in bed, I was eager to get back on my feet and start rebuilding my stamina…